Make Money With Web Hosting Sites

What if I tell you that there is a method from which you can earn money just by promoting the web hosting sites. Sounds interesting!

Today majority of people drop their daily 9-6 jobs and start doing an affiliate marketing of web hosting websites or companies. The reason is that they can work freely without following anyone order or go to their boring office. they can now work from anywhere they feel comfortable. They have total freedom of how many hours they want to work and can make money while sleeping too. You must be very excited to know how you can earn money by promoting web hosting sites right. Then your wait is over now. Let’s go to dept and know each and everything about affiliate marketing try this website.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Or Promotion?

Make Money With Web Hosting Sites

Basically, companies pay anyone who can sell their product by promoting it to their audience if they own a website or they can do it by sharing it with their friends and families. When anyone buys the product from the promoter then that person will get a commission of that product.

Here you don’t have to do a lot of hard work you just have to promote it where there is huge traffic so that a lot of people can see the product and if they will be intrigued by the product then they will definitely buy it and you will get your commission. so here there is no one’s loss as the customer is getting the product and you are getting your commission for promoting it.

This commission varies from company to company as every company has a different set of rules for their affiliate program. In some company, you will be getting more commission while in some less. So it becomes very confusing which company would be best for promoting their product.

However, many big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, have the affiliate program but there you will have to do a lot for work and in the web hosting sites you don’t have to work hard and also here you will get more commission then theirs.

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What Are The Requirement For Joining?

There is no specific requirement for joining the affiliate program for anyone. You can join the affiliate program any web hosting company like Cloudways, WPX hosting and many more. After the signup is done then you will be provided with ad banners of different sizes which you can place on your blog as advertisement and other is a referral link from which people will go to the product website to buy the product.

It would be better if you have a website, facebook page, Instagram page or a youtube channel to drive traffic to the referral link so that you can get the sale.

How To Join the Affiliate Program?

There is nothing complicated procedure to follow. You can join easily join any web hosting affiliate program just by going to their official website and on the website, you can find an affiliate program. After going to the affiliate page there will be a registration form which you have to fill up to be an affiliate of that web hosting company. After the signup process is done successfully then your account is ready for work.

In the account, you will provide with a lot of useful tools like banner ads to display it on your blog. analytic tools for analyzing how much traffic is clicking your promotional link or banner and according to that, you can plan strategies for getting more conversion rate.

Along with the tools you will have a referral link which you can place in any blog post as a hyperlink and people can easily click on this link and buy the product.  now when anyone will buy the product from your referral link you can see it in the order record. In that report you will also have information on how much you have earned and when will you get your commission etc.

How To Promote Web Hosting?

There is no limitation on how you can promote the affiliate link so that people will buy the web hosting plan. There are various promotional methods people use for getting the sale. the most used method is through a blog post, paid advertisements, facebook ads, Instagram ads, Facebook, and Instagram pages. The only limitation is your mind.  You can promote the links any way you like.

How You Will Get Payment?

The payment policy varies from company to company some company gives payment after reaching the minimum threshold of 100$ or some pays after 30 days of product purchase so it is recommended to read all the policy of payment and all before joining.

Most of the companies have PayPal option to get the payment while in some company there are other methods also like Payoneer, wire transfer, etc.

How Much You Can Get In Commission Per Sale?

Here also the commission completely depends on which company you are working with. in some company you will get high commission plus recurring commission while in some companies you will be offered less commission. so the commission varies from company to company. However, most of all the companies give more than 50$ commission per sale and this commission increases with the experience and when you level up in the affiliate program. I have seen some companies paying about 200$ commission per sale.  there is no limitation on selling, you can sell as much as possible and get paid.

What Are The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Today every company starts their affiliate program to reduce the cost of promotion. However, it is better to start with the best affiliate program to get a good commission for your hard work instead of working for cheap programs and waiting for a long time for your payment to arrive.

The best web hosting companies affiliate program which is my favorite and trustable are WPX hosting, Cloudways, Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground. These companies are best for becoming their affiliate partner.

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