Cloudways Free Credit

Cloudways Free CreditToday in this article, I will tell you how you can earn $20 credit by applying the Cloudways promo code at the time of purchase.

Cloudways is the best web hosting for WordPress blog among the others. Cloudways is a reliable and user-friendly web hosting company which is dedicated to providing the world class web hosting service to bloggers.

Cloudways is the ideal choice for optimizing the blog for better speed and performance. It is loaded with loads of advanced and premium features which helps the blogger to optimize and work effectively.

The price of Cloudways plan is quite affordable for big as well as a small blogger. however, the price may seem little more to newbies as they don’t have enough budget for investing in the best service and this often leads to choosing the cheap hosting for their first blog which is not worth it. so there is a golden chance of getting Cloudways hosting and a $20 credit as a bonus.

Before revealing the Cloudways promo code it will be better if we know about Cloudways in more detail.

Cloudways Web Hosting

Cloudways hosting is the best web hosting provider which is the ideal choice of beginners as well as professionals for hosting their website. Cloudways guarantee to make your blog super fast and the SEO ranking will boost. Cloudways has hosted over millions of websites on its server and all the customer are fully satisfied and developed good trust on the Cloudways hosting.

Features Of Cloudways Hosting

1. SSD Storage Space

SSD is the faster version of storage type it is known for faster processing. It is widely used in advanced computers and servers to increase the processing speed of data. So to increase the processing speed of servers Cloudways uses SSD storage disk and this storage disk will make the blog 3x faster than HHD drives. In the basic plan, Cloudways provides 25GB SSD storage and this limit increases with the package.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is necessary to handle the traffic on the blog. in some web hosting the bandwidth is low which results in poor traffic handling means when the traffic will increase on the server and if the limit is lower than the traffic then the website will crash. Cloudways understand this so it provides 1TB bandwidth. This much bandwidth is sufficient to manage the traffic of any medium level website.

3. Cloudways Free Trial

Cloudways Free Trial

Cloudways have this amazing offer of the free trial as you can get a free trial of the Cloudways hosting service and there is no credit card needed to activate the free trial. To start the free trial you only need to signup.

 4. Factor Authentication

To add another layer of security to keep the data safe from hacker a 2 step verification is used. the second verification will be done by the OTP which is sent on the registers mobile number.

5. HTTPS Domain

If you have some knowledge of SEO then you would know how HTTPS is favored by Google’s search algorithm to rank the websites. The HTTPS domain is a secured domain where all the data is being sent in an encrypted format so no one can read it other than the receiver. So to make get the HTTPS domain an SSL certificate is required and Cloudways is giving it for free so you don’t need to buy it from the registrar.

6. Site Migration

There is a fee when you will migrate the website from one server to another because it required the technical team to shift all your blog data to the new server so doing this requires a fee but Cloudways offers unlimited site migration means you can do as many migrations as you want with paying any money. for migrating the blog you just have to tell the technical team and the rest they will handle. They will migrate your blog within 24 hours of the request.

7. Support Team

Cloudways has an awesome technical support team which is there for solving all kind of problems you encounter. They will solve it as fast as possible and they are very knowledgable means they will understand every problem you are facing. There are many methods to contact them like phone calls, emails, forums.

8. CloudwaysCDN

CND is a method used to make the servers faster by having servers at different geographical locations and all these servers will have the duplicate data present on the main server. The benefits are that whenever a request will be made then it will be sent to the nearest server from where the request was made so this will reduce the data transferred time. it is a very effective method to shift the load from the main server otherwise it would get crash whenever heavy traffic will be driven to the main server.

9. Daily Backups

In Cloudways all the log data will be backup daily on a different server so that it can be kept safe and can retrieve data from the backups whenever needed.

Get $20 Credit With Cloudways Promo Code

Now we have seen all the top features of Cloudways and it pretty much amazing that all these premium features are being provided by Cloudways. You can get a $20 credit just by entering the Cloudways Promo Code which can be found on this site at the time of purchasing hosting from Cloudways. This promo code is given by affiliate marketers or influencers to benefits the users who will buy the product from the link. So it is a win-win situation for both as you will get your credit and they will get their sale. so you can find this promo code here and use this code when you will buy the Cloudways hosting.

If you are really serious about running the blog then it is highly recommended to start with the Cloudways hosting as it is giving loads of premium services in an affordable price along with the $20 credit so you can save some money and use it in other services.