Best Free Blogging Platforms

Thinking to start a blog but don’t have money to start it and finding any free blogging platform, so you can start your own blog for free to test or share ideas with your audience.

Best Free Blogging Platforms

There are many best free blogging platforms available in 2019 which you can use to create your own blog for absolutely free. Let’s start our list.

Top Hand-Picked Best Free Blogging Platforms

  1. is the free version of parent company which is paid. WordPress has started a free program which is for learning purpose only. students or anyone can learn to blog in WordPress for free.

In WordPress, you get a free domain with the WordPress extension which is valid for as much time you want to use. You don’t have to pay any money for the domain name and web hosting they are completely free. However here is the catch, you will only get basic features with some limitation. You cannot place ads on it and if you want to then you will need to buy the to get all these features unlocked.

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But still, it is best to learn and polish your blogging skills for free.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is owned by Google which is the other reason why it is free because Google provides all the services for free to everyone. Blogger provides you free hosting where you can host your own domain or can buy it from blogger itself.

Many choose blogger to host their website because it is free and second it is of Google’s so which makes it trustable. You don’t get any restriction on the features of blogger. however, it is best for small blogs only as it lacks further customization and also doesn’t have enough resources to improve your blog.

There is no limitation on earning money using blogger. many people start their journey with blogger and shift to the advanced platform to explore.

  1. Wix

Wix is another best free blogging platform. It is better to say that Wix is for those who don’t want to work in back-end and only want to work in the front-end. Wix doesn’t require any core technical knowledge to start blogging because it has a drag and drop feature which makes it super easy for the beginner as well as for advanced bloggers to design their dream blog.

Wix gives free hosting and is preferable for not a tech person if they want to just manage the blog easy way. You get amazing free themes for your blog and also premium themes which are paid. just like in WordPress you have plugins for adding function here you have elements to add features to your blog like contact form, widgets, subscribe button, etc.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is another best free blogging platform for not a techie person as it is a website builder which have the drag and drop feature to build your website same as the Wix.

Weebly gives 500MB storage for your blog for free. So you can create your blog here using the very easy site builder and run it absolutely for free.

  1. Joomla

Joomla is another blogging platform just like WordPress. Joomla is a blog management system like WordPress so here you need a domain and web hosting for running your blog. the Joomla software is absolutely for free. If you want to stick to the basic editing style then it is best for you.

  1. Ghost

Ghost is another best free blogging platform to do blogging. it is similar to WordPress and Joomla. You will require domain and web hosting to get started with the Ghost software. the editor of Ghost is very advance for editing very effectively as it provides a preview of what you type in the editor to see how it will look when published.

The Ghost platform can be download for free and can be easily installed on any web hosting to start managing your blog post.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr can be said as the social platform of bloggers as it is a free blogging site but its interface seems more like a social site like Facebook. The post here is shot and image optimized.

To start blogging on Tumblr you just need to signup and start posting whatever you want to. However, it is not recommended for a business blog as it is more like a personal blog and allows you to add ads and earn money.

  1. Medium

Medium website is here on our list because it allows anyone to write their article and publish it on Medium. So if you only want to write blog posts and don’t want to handle your own blog then Medium is great for you.

the one reason for writing a blog post on Medium because here you have the power to reach about 60 million readers because they get this much traffic per month. So it is the best way to get exposure.

  1. Jimdo

Another free platform is Jimdo which is a free page builder and allows you to create a blog for free. But in Jimdo you cant have the free custom domain name, for that, you have to pay.

The unique thing about Jimdo is that it lets you edit the blog post on the front-end means there is no post editor you will be directly writing on the front-end page. You get loads of features to make your page look attractive. There is no need of managing backend here you can directly make changes in the front end like edit footer, header, etc.

  1. Typepad

Typepad is a free blogging platform where you can easily host your blog using Typepad hosting. the interface of Typepad is very easy to use for beginner and allows you to choose from a wide range of themes. The drawback of Typepad is that you can use your own web hosting in Typepad, you will have to use their hosting only. you will face difficulty in editing the codes on Typepad as many will be not so confident about coding.

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